Negative Light is now available!

    Negative Light is a silly sort of horror game in which you disintegrate hordes of inverse vampires by shining a shadow-casting flashlight into a giant mirror.

    It's available for Windows, Mac, and Linux users!

Introducing Eltemium!

    Eltemium expands on the gameplay of In Defiance of Pavement, making for a more complex, exciting experience that retains its accessibility and addictveness.

    Players move a "Core" around the screen, absorbing eight different elements - Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Lightning, Time, Life, and Death - each of which has its own unique behaviours. Elements will need to be both collected and avoided at different times, as reaching target numbers of elements creates an Eltemium and earns points, but going over a target breaks the Core.

    This 2D arcade action game is free on both Android and iOS!

In Defiance of Pavement

    Infinite Monkey Labs was at GBCJam #6 and made In Defiance of Pavement in a little over 12 hours!

    Click the link to try out this relaxing take on the action genre, available for Android and iOS devices.

The Fossil and the Future is now available!

    Created entirely in the span of three days, The Fossil and the Future is Infinite Monkey Labs' submission for Toronto Game Jam 2016: Don't Stop bELEVEN!

    It's the best two-player racer featuring stylized global warming as a game mechanic that you'll ever play!

New game: Sewers Are Fun!

    Sewers Are Fun! That's the title of Infinite Monkey Labs' second game, now available for PC and Mac! It's the only game that lets you throw a flaming Super Ball at walking doormats!

    There's also a gameplay video up to demonstrate how fun the sewers can be:

The Pool is updated and ready to download!

    My Capstone Project, The Pool, is now available for download on PC, so head over to its page and check it out.

    The game's been updated quite a bit to bring it out of obvious "student project" status: graphical tweaks, tutorial and narrative elements, improved music, and a host of bug fixes have all been added to this version.

    Here's an updated trailer that includes the new elements: