The Game

    In this parody of the Mario Bros. arcade game, mysterious hero Guido Incognito attempts to hold out as long as possible against the horde of strange creatures invading his peaceful sewer. He is armed only with a Super Ball...that happens to be on fire.

  • Chaotic arcade-style gameplay
  • High difficulty that rewards smart, cautious players
  • Persistent high scores
  • An above-average amount of in-game poo

  • How to Play:
  • Use the arrow keys to move and jump, space to throw the ball, and esc to pause
  • Stun enemies using the ball, then kick them off-screen to score points
  • Make sure to catch the ball with space when it returns to you! It hurts if it hits you!
  • Hit the Meow Block to summon Nyan Cat, who will stun all enemies for a few seconds




Behind the Scenes

    Release date: September 8th, 2014

    Originally my final project for a Flash course, I polished up Sewers Are Fun! for release after graduating. It was written in ActionScript 3 using Adobe Flash and Adobe Air.

    The Nyan Cat is referring/pandering to my Flash teacher, who loved cats, and Nyan Cat especially.