Designated Jumping Area

Designated Jumping Area

So you want to raise your standing in life? Great! We’ve provided a Designated Jumping Area for that purpose. Attempts to jump outside of the Designated Jumping Area will be met with strict discipline.

  • A whole 10cm of jumping space
  • Shelter from those that would keep you down – they can’t even see you!
  • The most convenient way to protest for everyone else

Behind the Scenes

Inspired by a comment that NFL players shouldn’t be kneeling in protest while “on the job,” Designated Jumping Area was created as a playable demonstration of the problems with that statement. Most of the development happened over 2 days at YorkU Hacks 2018. The audio was added after taking a hiatus to focus on school.

The game was written in C# with Unity. I created the art assets, and the audio was gathered from various sources credited at the end of the game.

  • Shortlisted for the grand prize at YorkU Hacks 2018