Eight elements float in primordial space: fire, water, lightning, earth, wind, time, life, and death. An ancient entity called the Core unites these pieces to form Eltemia, the building blocks of existence. But the Core is fragile; if it absorbs more elements than necessary, it could shatter…

  • Collectibles that become obstacles and obstacles that become collectibles
  • 8 different elements to collect/avoid, each with unique behaviours
  • Persistent high scores track the number of Eltemia created

Behind the Scenes

I used the theme of a previous TOJam that I missed (“It’s all come to this”) as inspiration for Eltemium, which is where the idea of combining elements and the game’s ominous tone came from. It was made in tandem with In Defiance of Pavement, though unintentionally. The game jam that produced IDoP interrupted Eltemium‘s development, so its controls and structure were based on Eltemium. I would later use what I learned developing IDoP to improve Eltemium.

The game was made in Unity using C#. I created the art assets as well, while the audio was acquired from several sources credited on the title screen.

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