Sewers Are Fun!

Sewers Are Fun!

Help the mysterious Guido Incognito hold out as long as possible against the horde of strange creatures invading his sewer! Stun them with a Super Ball, then kick them off the stage! Make sure to catch the Super Ball though. It’s on fire.

  • Chaotic arcade-style gameplay where your own weapon could be your worst enemy
  • Fight walking doormats and soccer ball turtles, and summon a giant Nyan Cat
  • An above-average amount of in-game poo

Sewers Are Fun! - Gameplay Video
Behind the Scenes

Originally my final project for a Flash course, I polished up Sewers Are Fun! for release after graduating. It was written in ActionScript 3 using Adobe Flash and Adobe Air.

The Nyan Cat is referring/pandering to my Flash teacher, who found that cat to be absolutely hilarious.

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