The Fossil and the Future

The Fossil and the Future

The Fossil and the Future is a totally unsubtle climate change PSA disguised as a two-player racer. The fast, exhaust-spewing Fossil loses top speed the more it pollutes the air, while the steady, solar-powered Future can only accelerate with its solar panel pointed towards the sun. Players will need to master these limitations to reach the end of the hazardous course!

Using a controller to play is highly recommended.

  • Two vehicles with completely different play styles
  • Split-screen support for two players
  • Heavily dramatized environmental commentary

Behind the Scenes

The Fossil and the Future was created entirely over the course of 3 days as part of Toronto Game Jam 2016: Don’t Stop bELEVEN. The theme for the jam was “There will be consequences,” hence the climate change concept.

It was created in Unity using C#. Most of the art assets were downloaded from the Unity Asset Store and altered. Their creators are credited on the title screen.

The “goat on a pole” is a required image for TOJam submissions, which is why it appears as the race’s checkpoints and finish line.

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