The Pool

The Pool

Two robots called the Yin and the Yang have activated in a derelict building known as the Pool. They have a strange relationship: the Yang has tools and weapons at its disposal but is completely immobile, while the Yin can move freely but is completely defenceless.

The player controls the Yin, guiding the Yang using special laser pointers. By cooperating, the Yin and Yang can defend themselves, solve puzzles, and unlock the mysteries of the Pool.

  • Unique twist on dual-character gameplay
  • Complex puzzles involving switches, lasers, spikes, and more
  • Unorthodox enemies that blend puzzle-solving and combat

NOTE: Due to the way OGRE stores its configuration settings, The Pool must be run as an administrator.

The Pool - Updated Trailer
Behind the Scenes

The Pool was developed as my Capstone Project – the final, semester-long project designed to demonstrate what I’d learned in my time at Humber College. It was programmed entirely in C++ using the OGRE and Bullet engines for graphics and physics, respectively. A heavily-modified version of the BtOgre wrapper was used to connect the two engines, and CEGUI and FMOD were used for the GUI and audio, respectively.

I took a month or so after graduation to polish it up, adding graphical and audio improvements, tutorial and narrative elements, and various bug fixes.

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